Transport : Mobilising your sales team.

Harness the power of interactive presentations. StiloTouch is an exciting addition to the world of automotive: elevating brands and mobilising sales forces.

Whether it’s high-end luxury cars, industrial vehicles or motorhome manufacturers, StiloTouch brings your brand to life by combining promotional material and media into a central vision. StiloTouch is a synergistic sales tool which uses information from literature such as brochures and performance specifications as well as promotional videos and press reviews to give you an interactive presentation in one, beautifully designed sales tool. It lifts the brand to a whole new level, bringing the energy and culture of your vehicle lines into an inspiring journey which can be accessed by your customers. With our team building a robust platform that can be easily updated, your StiloTouch can evolve with your business.

View multi-vehicle ranges at one time.

StiloTouch is the ideal sales tool for quickly and effectively bringing together large amounts of technical data and specifications. Rather than the traditional method of grabbing literature and working between websites in your showroom or on-stand, StiloTouch can be used on an iPad or interactive screen. Accessing all your information through a simple to use navigation adds a wow factor to even the most basic features of your vehicles.

Quick and easy to use. No training required.

Because StiloTouch is an offline solution, sales teams in showrooms or attending exhibitions can demonstrate your range of vehicles with professionalism each and every time. StiloTouch is fast and seamless, providing an impressive platform to helps you increase conversation as part of the sales promotion process. Your StiloTouch can even act as an auto attendant at busy times on your exhibition stand, providing an engaging solution until a sales representative becomes free and can take the lead in the sales discussion.





Stilo have been instrumental in producing new material for our telemetry services. Their innovative approach and focused project planning has helped us to deliver promotional and training systems in budget and on schedule.

Market Manager, Fleet Management Systems – Scania (Great Britain) Ltd