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Perfectly placed in the world of technology, StiloTouch explains high volumes of information clearly with easy to use navigation. The attention to detail and dynamic interaction of media sources such as literature, videos and technical specifications allows StiloTouch to bring together information in a digestible format. The speed and clarity cannot be matched within the world of interactive technology.

Technical selling with confidence.

As a unique sales tool, StiloTouch helps to standardise sales presentations so that no information is missed. Key points can be highlighted in a creative way, enhancing your brand and raising the profile of the whole business. Where complex technologies have high volumes of information such as test reports, developmental workflows and ongoing updates, StiloTouch provides clarity to sales teams, suppliers, investors and clients alike.



Global consistency.

StiloTouch can support product launches as sales teams worldwide are equipped with the latest version of their interactive presentation at any time. What’s more, our specialist team are available to provide ongoing support and updates meaning your StiloTouch can evolve with your business.






Ideal for Expo.

Particularly at technology exhibitions, the need to stand out is paramount. Technologies are fast paced, and trends change very quickly. StiloTouch gives you the edge and allows you to demonstrate your products or services in a way that has never been seen before, grasping the moment to shine. A bespoke interactive presentation displayed on iPads, tablets or large-scale screens will give your technology the centre stage it deserves. At times when your exhibition stand is busy, StiloTouch can help manage the interest in your technology as its easy to use navigation imparts knowledge quickly and easily, even without a member of your sales team being present to demonstrate it.

Stilo have been instrumental in producing new material for our telemetry services. Their innovative approach and focused project planning has helped us to deliver promotional and training systems in budget and on schedule.

Market Manager, Fleet Management Systems – Scania (Great Britain) Ltd