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Sienna X are the market leading professional sunless tanning brand, with an enviable list of celebrity advocates, and an extensive range of premium quality products and equipment.


The Challenge

Sienna X needed an impactful, adaptable and easy-to-use way of showcasing their premium products. With their busy sales team out on the road, and an extensive product range to sell using large volumes of information, a sales tool that could streamline meetings and help standardise promotion was needed.

The Process

We had already assisted with photography and video content for online use, and so it was a natural step to repurpose this for their iPad-based StiloTouch. This gave them additional value from the assets they already had and ensured consistency across their digital and print marketing. After defining their customer journey and the information they required to close a sale, we developed a structure which ensured key products could be selected for discussion easily and quickly. We built in animated content for product highlights, and numerous videos to demonstrate application techniques. By designing a suite of bespoke icons, their StiloTouch further developed their brand identity and signified additional interactive content to the sales team.

A touch of class

• Engaging sales tool

• Dynamic brand enhancement

• Fully flexible and offline

• Standardises promotion

• Increases sales for agents

The Outcome

The result was an empowered sales team – always having the relevant information to hand, demonstrating knowledge and professionalism. As StiloTouch is a totally offline tool, the team knew they were confident in closing more sales – whether on the road, in agent discussions, or exhibiting at a show.

StiloTouch perfectly complements our branding and forward-looking approach to sales and marketing. Clients are impressed, and it has already shown a return on investment.

Nicky Matthews - Founder, Sienna X

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