Digital Sales Tools. Our Packages.

StiloTouch gives businesses the power to harness videos, presentations and literature in a single integrated sales tool. All our projects are bespoke, giving you the flexibility to define an experience which is as innovative as your business.

Which StiloTouch package?

Depending on how much existing material you have, and what you want to create, our team can advise you on the process of selecting the right StiloTouch solution to maximise your return on investment. Bespoke packages include Silver, Gold and Platinum, increasing in size and complexity of the StiloTouch project.

Need an update? No problem.

We understand that businesses evolve, and product lines are updated. StiloTouch is easily updated and re-deployed to your team – wherever they are. Whether it's a simple specification change or a new product launch, we'll work with you to keep your StiloTouch relevant, up to date, and exciting. We have a range of Update Plans which ensure you always have the latest content to hand.





Have some questions? Let’s talk.

Q: Can you supply video content if we haven’t got any?

Yes! We have a team of talented videographers, photographers and copywriters available to support your project. Plus, we have an extensive library of stock imagery and stock video footage to compliment your existing material if required. 

Q: I’m interested in a StiloTouch but I don’t have time to implement it, can you help?

Project management throughout the process is comprehensive and detailed, giving you the peace of mind that if a StiloTouch project is started, it always gets finished! We can work directly with your team if your schedule is limited, and ensure defined deadlines, aims and objectives are at the forefront of our mind.

Q: Our sales teams are spread across the UK as well as located internationally. How is StiloTouch deployed?

We use a cloud-based download centre which can be accessed worldwide, any time of the day or night. This allows your StiloTouch to be accessed at your convenience, with subsequent updates prioritised for quick distribution. Once downloaded, there is no need for a data connection to run StiloTouch, with all content being available instantly.