Medical : Innovative, interactive, professional sales tools.

Empowering medical sales teams. Giving you the ultimate sales and marketing tool to explain your products, engage discussion – and deliver results.

When time is precious and attention to detail is paramount, StiloTouch can provide a backbone to delivering a professional and polished sales presentation for the medical industry.


Walking into a meeting armed with StiloTouch gives your sales team the edge in all aspects. Enhancing your brand and taking your marketing material to the next level, StiloTouch reflects the quality and precision in your product.


Your sales messages. Locked in.

Delivering high quality interactive presentations gives your medical sales team that added confidence to explain and sell your products with maximum return on investment. StiloTouch provides a unique platform, in addition to a standard website, and as a standalone, offline solution, users can quickly browse complex information without the reliance on internet connectivity.

Key facts at your fingertips.

In a world of technical information, medical companies can use StiloTouch as an effortless way to demonstrate key facts quickly and with ease. As an offline sales tool, technical data can be accessed promptly and allows members of your sales team to react swiftly to questions raised by the medical profession. Research data, diagrams and comparative analysis can all be brought together easily with StiloTouch. The incorporate of imagery, application video clips, and animated product features mean a highly technical presentation can be integrated into a StiloTouch solution.

Detailed knowledge gives you the power.

StiloTouch can be shared throughout a team via rapid deployment. Product development updates or new releases can be quickly incorporated and disseminated through sales teams locally, nationally and internationally. Complex information can be explained without difficulty using StiloTouch, ensuring both sales team and medical professionals understand your product details quickly and comprehensively. Key points are not missed, which standardises the sales delivery and guarantees every sales opportunity is maximised.